martedì 2 settembre 2014

Toppy at Taropak Exhibition 2014

Toppy @ Taropak Exhibition 2014

Come and visit us at Taropak in Podsnan from the 30.09 to the 02.10! You will see many news and brand new products!!!!

Visitenos al Taropak en Podsnan del 30.09 al 02.10! Podràn ver nuestros nuevos productos!!!

Venite a visitarci al Taropak in Podsnan dal 30.9 al 02.10! Potrete vedere i nostri prodotti novità!!!

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Toppy @ Technopharm 2014 in Nürnberg



As usual, our company, Toppy Srl, is going to take part at Technopharm Exhibition, that will take place in Nürnberg from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October 2014.

In our stand it will be possible to have a look to some of our equipments and get informations about the rest of our range of mobile and stationary pallet changing systems, roll turners and lifter and mobile and stationary pile turners.

Our staff will be pleased to meet you and answer to your question, suggesting you the best equipment upon your type of work and needs.

Come and visit us in our stand!


Come consuetudine della nostra impresa, anche quest'anno Toppy Srl parteciperà alla fiera Technopharm, che si terra a Norimberga dal 30 Settembre al 2 Ottobre 2014.

Presso i nostri stand sarà possibile vedere alcuni dei nostri prodotti e prendere informazioni sul resto della nostra gamma di sistemi di cambiopallet fissi e mobili, girabobine e voltapila fissi e mobili.

Il nostro staff sarà felice di fare la Vostra conoscenza, rispondere alle Vostre domande e consigliarVi il miglior prodotto Toppy in base alla Vostra tipologia di lavoro e necessità.

Venite a visitare il nostro stand! Vi aspettiamo!


Como siempre, nuestra empresa, Toppy Srl, estará a la feria Technopharm en Nürnberg del 30 de Septiembre al 2 de Octubre 2014.

En nuestro stand serà posible ver algunos de nuestros equipos y recibir informaciones sobre de nuestra gama completa de cambiadores de palets móviles y fijos, nuestro giradores y elevadores de bobinas y nuestros volteadores de pilas móviles y fijos.

Nuestro staff estará feliz que conoscerles y responder a vuestras preguntas, aconsejando el mejor equipo Toppy sobre de vuestra tipologia de trabajo y vuestras necesidades.

Vengano a visitarnos! Os esperamos!

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giovedì 5 giugno 2014

Toppy Pallet


Our brand new Toppy Pallet especially studied for Toppy Pallet System is an innovative pallet, very light, modular, ecologic and made of plastic. A complete Toppy pallet made of all the 11 elements is only 3,5 kg weight. You can choose the number of elements of the pallet according to your products’s packing, type and weight. Toppy Pallet is like Lego: you can easily assemble and disassemble all the elements. It is ecologic: it’s made of recycled plastic! It only takes few space in warehouses, because you can  wedge the pallet supports one into the other!
Come and discover Toppy Pallet and Toppy Pallet System at the following links:

Here below some configuration samples:


martedì 6 maggio 2014

Toppy Aladdin chargeur et dechargeur du conteneurs et echangeur de palette

Toppy Aladdin
Le tapis magique

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter la nouveauté Toppy 2014: notre échangeur de palette et  Aladdin

Le but du système  Aladdin est de déplacer les palettes par rapport à la charge pour permettre le chargement et le déchargement des marchandises du conteneurs ou du camions rapidement, sans endommagement en aucun façon, sans travail manuel mais surtout sans aucune nécessité de palettes ou de feuilles intercalaires ... 

Indiqué à de nombreux types de produits, comme boîtes, sacs, bouteilles, flacons, ampoules ... 

Capacité de charge jusqu'à 1400 kg et aucune hauteur maximal du produit. 

Rapide, l'opération ne prends que quelques secondes. 

Pour en savoir plus sur Aladdin, s'il vous plaît jeter un oeil à la brochure ci-joint, et voir la video par le lien suivante:

Plus d'information disponibles sir demande, s'il vous plaît contactez nous sur, nous serons heureux de vous répondre.

Toppy Aladdin caricatore e scaricatore di container e cambiopallet

The magic Carpet

Siamo felici di presentarvi la novità 2014 Toppy: Aladdin!

Aladdin può caricare e scaricare la merce da container e camion, senza usare il pallet o l'interfalda... oppure può essere usato anche come sistema di cambiopallet!

Aladdin è idoneo per moltissimi tipi di prodotto, come scatole, sacchi, bottiglie, fiale...

Aladdin è forte, con una capacità di carico fino a 1400 kg e non ha limiti di altezza per il prodotto!

Aladdin è veloce, in quanto tutte le operazioni si svolgono in pochi secondi!

Per conoscere meglio Aladdin, guardate i video al seguente link:

Informazioni aggiuntive sono disponibili su richiesta! Scriveteci a! Saremo felici di rispondere alle vostre domande!

Toppy Aladdin cargador y descargador de container y cambiador de palets

Toppy Aladdin
La alfombra màgica

 Estamos felices que presentarles el nuevo sistema Toppy 2014: Aladdin!

Toppy Aladdin es un sistema para cargar y descargar container y camiones, sin necesitar de la paleta o hojas protectoras! Toppy Aladdin se puede tambièn utilizar como sistema para cambiar los palets!

Toppy Aladdin es versatil, como es idoneo para muchìsimos productos, como cajas, botellas, sacos, etc....

Toppy Aladdin es fuerte, como puede trabajar con cargas hasta 1400 kg y no se tiene una altura màxima del producto!

Toppy Aladdin es veloz, como las operaciones solo necesitan de pocos segundos!

Para aprender màs sobre Aladdin, visualicen los videos al siguiente enlace:

Toppy Aladdin video

Otras informaciones son disponible sobre solicitud! Escribenos a! Estaremos felices que responder a vuestras preguntas!

Toppy Aladdin container loader and unloader and pallet changer

The magic Carpet

We are glad to introduce you the Toppy 2014 new-born: Aladdin!

Aladdin can load and unload of goods from containers or trucks, without any need of pallet or slipsheet or can be used as a pallet changer!

Aladdin is suitable to many kinds of products, like boxes, bags, bottles, vials… 

Aladdin has a load capacity up to 1400 Kg and no max. product height.

It is quick, as the operation just takes few seconds.

To learn more about Aladdin watch the movie from the following links

Additional information is available upon request! Write as at! We will be pleased to answer your questions!

martedì 22 aprile 2014

Roll turner - Girador de bobinas - Girabobine
with double movable pincer - con pinza con dos brazos moviles - con pinza a due bracci mobili

NEW! Roll Turner Toppy Web 1000 with double movable pincer, especially designed for 1000 kg reels. The new pincer has 2 movable arms, that allows a better grip on the reels.

NUEVO! El girador de bobinas Toppy Web 1000 con pinza doble móvil, especialmente construida para las bobinas de 1000 kg. La nueva pinza tiene 2 brazos móviles que permiten una mejor presa de las bobinas.

NUOVO! Il girabobine Toppy Web 1000 con pinza a doppio braccio mobile, specialmente disegnata e studiata per bobine di 1000 kg. La nuova pinza ha 2 bracci mobili che permettono una presa migliore sulla bobina

venerdì 4 aprile 2014

New International Websites

We are glad to announce the birth of our new international website !

We are still reachable to our official website and to our south american website .

Do not forget to visit our official pages on the social networks!
Visit our official pages also on video-sharing networks!

venerdì 28 marzo 2014

Toppy at Interpack

Toppy goes to Interpack exhibition!

Interpack Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, is one of the most important exhibitions about packaging in the world.

Toppy Srl, which operates in the packing industry since 1978 and that offers a really wide range of products, is glad to inform you that we will take part to this exhibition this year.

We are pleased and honored to invite you to visit our stand (Hall 17 / A 19) to know and see our products and our "new born", Toppy Pallet System.

Toppy Pallet System is the innovative system that creates a very light, cheap and ecological pallet, in order to substitute the old and traditional plastic - wooden - aluminum pallet!

We have tickled your curiosity? Well, then you just have to come and visit us at Interpack to find our more about it!

For more information:
For more information:

venerdì 21 marzo 2014

Toppy New Kompressor - movable pile turner for thin paper

Toppy New Kompressor
Movable pile turner for thin paper

Toppy New Kompressor is the innovative pile turner system with air and jogger system, that allows you to work with cardboard and paper from 60 g/m2

Toppy New Kompressor is a unique equipment of its kind, as all its systems and controls are integrated in its body: turbine, inverter, vibrating motors, hydraulic power and its controls!

This new pile turner is especially studied for those companies that do not have much space for a stationary pile turner and need the maximum performance with minimal expense.

Watch the video of the functioning of our innovative Pile Turner Toppy New Kompressor here below:

If you cannot see it, please click here.

For more information, please contact at and visit our official website Toppy Srl!

Pallet Changer Toppy Side Press Duplex - a new way to move the products and change the pallet

Pallet changer - cambiador de palets - cambiopallet - retourneur de palettes - Pallenwechsler
Toppy Side Press Duplex

The pallet changer Toppy Side Press Duplex was especially designed starting from our standard pallet changer Toppy Side Press.

The new Toppy Side Press Duplex is particularly addressed and studied for Supermarket-chains, which need to divide big piles of products and assemble little pallet of different products to send to the little markets.

The new Toppy Side Press Duplex has a higher elevation up to 1800 mm and can work with loads up to 800 kg.
It can work with different products, e.i. vegetables, detergents, boxes, etc. and it can stack or de-stack the loads as well as change the pallet and raising loads.

Watch the video of the functioning of the pallet changer Toppy Side Press Duplex below or at the link

For more informations, contact us at or visit our official website

Toppy Srl : our history, our vision, our goal

Toppy Srl - Turning your world!

Established in Bologna in 1978 TOPPY S.r.l. began as a producer of machines and trucks for the graphic industry. Since then, whenever a good application was found, other machines were added to the Toppy range, significantly in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and ceramic fields. 

Constant growth in technology and output has enabled Toppy to consolidate its position amongst the European leaders in materials handling sector. The Toppy range has been continuously extended and upgraded to satisfy the market and the users’ varied needs. TOPPY can supply pallet turning and pallet changing machines, both mobile and stationary, also pallet trucks, reel lifting machines and logistic systems.
The Toppy becomes indispensable everywhere the load to handle is placed on a pallet.

Our vision

Market change, it is continuosly in progress. The variety of products need great flexibility and great know-how but, at the same time, efficency and low cost. Toppy must suit to times which require more creativity, new ideas, new technologies and new processes. We have to be able to bear these requests with complete systems and solutions on demand.

Our goal

Our aim is to manage the main market trends and convert them into products and services suitable for market needs. Toppy Srl in cooperation with commercial partners and due to the human and professional skills of our staff, wants to be a more active and dynamic protagonist of the market in order to meet all inquiries with systems and solutions on demand.