venerdì 21 marzo 2014

Pallet Changer Toppy Side Press Duplex - a new way to move the products and change the pallet

Pallet changer - cambiador de palets - cambiopallet - retourneur de palettes - Pallenwechsler
Toppy Side Press Duplex

The pallet changer Toppy Side Press Duplex was especially designed starting from our standard pallet changer Toppy Side Press.

The new Toppy Side Press Duplex is particularly addressed and studied for Supermarket-chains, which need to divide big piles of products and assemble little pallet of different products to send to the little markets.

The new Toppy Side Press Duplex has a higher elevation up to 1800 mm and can work with loads up to 800 kg.
It can work with different products, e.i. vegetables, detergents, boxes, etc. and it can stack or de-stack the loads as well as change the pallet and raising loads.

Watch the video of the functioning of the pallet changer Toppy Side Press Duplex below or at the link

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